GE Canada manages all depot activities of the current T700 engines and will continue to offer the same superior service for the proposed new fleet of CT7 engines. Using the services of Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services located in Richmond, B.C. GE Canada will ensure that Canada receives timely high quality service.

GE is the OEM for the CT7-6A engines in the Cormorant and the CT7-8E engines installed on the VH-71 platform. Should the option to re-engine the Cormorant be exercised, GE Canada will provide engines, Full Authority Digital Electronic Controllers (FADEC) and technical support to the programs.

The CT7-8E is a 3,000-hp class turboshaft engine derived from the proven CT7-8 engine, fitted to the EH101-519 helicopters. Its increased power has been achieved through an upgraded high-pressure turbine with advanced materials and a new three-stage low-pressure turbine. CT7-8E includes a Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) system.